Make my messages known to all humanity – Jesus and The Blessed Mother To Pastor Enoch…

Make my messages known to all humanity – Jesus and The Blessed Mother To Pastor Enoch…


FEBRUARY 02, 2015 – 8:15 A.M.


My children, my peace be with you.

My children faithful to my gospel in countries far east from here are being tortured, incarcerated and many have offered up their lives for my sake. The blood of the martyrs cries to Heaven for justice; each day the massacres intensify and humanity sits unmoved before this holocaust. The mass media keeps silence, governments keep silence, my Church tepidly makes pronouncements and all is silence and omission in regard to these massacres. Oh, how great the sorrow that overwhelms me to see so much indifference in so many at the martyrdom of others!

You are all sons of the same Father who loves you and you were created in his image and likeness. Why, then, are you so indifferent towards your brothers in their misfortune? MY Church is bleeding to death in these countries, the shadow of death pursues Her everywhere, they can kill bodies, but they can never kill the souls; the blood of my martyrs is strength for my Church, it is my blood with which I will again vanquish my enemy.

Keep silent no longer, my people, my flock, do not make yourselves accomplices with your silence! Raise your voice to Heaven; unite in a chain of prayer and ask the Father to grant that his justice reestablish order and law in those places where the blood of my people is being spilled.

My children, the holocaust of my innocent children also cries to Heaven for justice. Millions of innocent creatures daily are lacerated in the wombs of soulless mothers. Oh, hyenas, that innocent blood you spill will judge you tomorrow for all eternity! I tell you, if you do not repent, make reparation, and ask for pardon with all your hearts, and change your path, I assure you that you will find prepared for you a dwelling place in the bowels of hell. Oh, libertines, your licentiousness will be your eternal condemnation! Your wombs be damned, soulless mothers, because you have made of them living sepulchers…!

If there is anything that I judge with the full weight of my justice, it is the spilt blood of my innocents. Cows of Bashan (cf Amos 4: 1-3) who assassinate hope in your wombs! The day in which you are to pass into eternity is drawing near and your lawlessness will be so great that my justice will cry out against you: “Eternal damnation!” For you there will be no return to this world.

Keep on sinning and accumulating charges against your soul; you have ears but do not listen, you have eyes but do not see; you have a mouth but prefer to blaspheme and taunt and say within your perverse hearts, “God does not see us, neither will He do us good or ill”. Oh, how mistaken you are, libertines! He who made the ear, will He not hear? He who formed the eyes, will He not see? He who accuses the nations, will He not punish? He who teaches humankind, will He not know? The Lord knows the plans of men, that they are pure vanity (Psalm 94:9-11).

I am calling you urgently, you licentious women, stop sinning! Return to Me, with a contrite and humbled heart, even as Mary Magdalen returned to me, and I assure you that I will forgive you and remember your sin no more; and as I said to Mary Magdalen also to you I will say, “Where are those who accuse you? Arise and sin no more!”

My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and convert because the Reign of God is near. Your Teacher and Shepherd, Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Make my messages known to all humanity.



JANUARY 25, 2015 – 8:50 A.M.


Little children, may the peace of God be with you and my maternal protection accompany you always.

Pray, my children, for the liberation and healing of your genealogical tree.

Ask the Father to free you from the burdens of you ancestors, so that they not continue affecting your present life. Offer prayer, fasting and penance and the Rosary of the wounds of my Son, putting into his wounds your paternal and maternal genealogical tree.

Offer 33 Holy Masses in honor of the years of the life of my Son in this world, asking the Heavenly Father for the healing and liberation of you genealogical tree. Do not forget that the masses ought to be in a daily series without interruption; in the sublime moment of the elevation, you ought to place in the hands of the Father, through the merits of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of my most beloved Son, your paternal and maternal generations, so that they be healed by the power of the Blood of my beloved Son.

Little children, ask my Son that by the power of his Blood all your paternal and maternal generations be freed from all maledictions of: envy, rancor, repulsion, hatred, spiritual coldness, ancestral curses, sexual impurity, adulteries, fornications, abortions, homosexualism, material and spiritual ruin and occultism in all its forms. These maledictions are common to all generations and have been the causes of so much material and spiritual ruin in your generations.

Place in God’s hands also all the illnesses that your paternal and maternal generations have suffered, so that these curses of infirmity may be annulled and your genealogical tree be cleaned and pruned of all this bad seed. I tell you, little children, that all the ruin and misery of your generations have as their origin the inter-genetic field. Have faith that God does not want to see you suffer.

He created you free and blessed you so that you might prosper, because all He does is good. It is sin and separation from God that has brought misery to your generations and that is why the maledictions, which have passed from generation to generation, entered your lives for no one prayed to obtain liberation from them. Ask for discernment from the Holy Spirit of God that He may show you in which generations there were spiritual miseries and so that by prayer and Holy Masses, you can liberate your genealogical tree.

Little children, if there were ancestors in your tree who practiced occultism, witchcraft, casting hexes, spiritualism or whatever other form of occultism, then all the generations have borne and are bearing the burden of that malediction of occultism. If there were ancestral curses from your great-great grandparents, from you great grandparents or grandparents, upon some descendent, it is bringing you ruin too and you must be delivered from this malediction so that it does not continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

I give you the gift, little children, of this powerful prayer to break all these maledictions; pray it with faith, ask for my holy intercession and with the Blood of my Son, seal yourselves, your families and genealogical trees, and you will soon see how you will start to heal and be freed the these chains that have kept generations in bondage.


I place myself in the presence of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and by the power of the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, I break, tear down, tread underfoot, annihilate, annul and cancel from my physical, psychic, biological and spiritual being, all malediction cast on me, on my family and genealogical tree, by any person whatsoever, whether that person be family or ancestor, by means of occultism or spiritualism.

By the power of the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael, I break and annul all malediction on my bloodline, whatsoever its nature, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. (Repeat 3 times).

Your Mother, Mary, the Mystical Rose.

Make known my messages known, little children of my heart.



January 22, 2015 – 8:15 a.m.


Peace to you, Shepherds and Sheep of my flock

Many of my shepherds are being lost due to the modernism of this world and to the flesh, and this lacerates deeply my mystical body represented in my Church. Corruption, disobedience and the sins of the flesh of many of my chosen souls are open wounds across my ribs. You can feel the schism coming, in the interior of my Church there is confusion; my cardinals are divided and many no longer obey mi Vicar. MY Church is at the point of undergoing a great testing that will shake her foundations, but it will be unable to destroy her. The spiritual massacre draws near and will make many of my children lose their faith.

Oh, what grief in my heart, to see that very few will remain of so many of my chosen souls who yesterday swore me loyalty and fidelity. The vast majority will give me their back and betray me as Judas did, when the crisis of my Church arrives. Anew my heart will be pierced through by the lance of ingratitude; bloody tears come to my eyes at the sight of the See of Peter, occupied by my adversary.

Each day the spiritual disobedience of many of my chosen souls increases around the world; in Europe, many of my houses today are museums and others are being sold or are used as crypts, with ossuaries to keep the ashes, or are places to render cult to other gods. When the hour of the crisis of my Church has come, only my continent of hope will stand firm and it will be on this American soil where I will raise my new Church.

Oh, how much it grieves me that in many of my houses the shepherds have delegated to my children in the laity the ministry of the Eucharist. The priest sits down and it is the laity who distributes my Body and Blood to my sheep, rendering profane my Divinity. What sorrow for me to behold all this, the manner in which I am held in contempt by my chosen souls and the form in which I am outraged by being handled by hands lacking the sacerdotal anointing! Oh, shepherds of my Church, why do you scourge me, permitting this outrage against my Divinity!? Do you not realize that this abomination can bring damnation upon you and upon my children in the laity?

Millions of souls of priests and laity have been lost for having offended my Body and Blood! As many others lie in the depths of purgatory for having received me unworthily or in the hand. I tell you, if you do not repair for this outrage here on earth, you will lament tomorrow when you arrive in eternity.

Listen to me, my people, my flock: The sacerdotal anointing is the grace that my Holy Spirit grants my chosen souls that they may be invested with my Divinity. If you knew the grandeur of what it is to be a priest; I myself need the sacerdotal anointing so that I can be life in your midst.

The anointed hands of a priest are my hands that give to eat of my Body and to drink of my Blood to my flock. Listen to me: I have not instituted extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist; this does not come from me.

This is the work of my adversary who through the freemasonry that has invaded the Church seeks to sabotage the foundation of my Church and thus put an end to priestly ministry.

Many are the graces that are lost when communion is received in the hand or is received from the hands of a layman. It is not the same as if received from a priest. To my children in the laity I again say this, that it belongs to my priests to whom I have delegated this ministry; do not continue to outrage my Divinity so that you may not make yourselves culpable before me; do not scourge me anymore, touching me or distributing me, because you are not worthy of this ministry.

I ask my Vicar and the Heads of my Church and my Priests, cease and desist now this vile outrage. No more extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist! You yourselves exercise the ministry which I have conferred upon you, and do not delegate anymore this ministry to my children in the laity, because you are the shepherds of my flock, those directly responsible for this violation of my Divinity.

My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. Repent and be converted because the Reign of God is near.

I am the Bread of Life, Jesus Eucharistic.

Make my messages known to all humanity.



January 14, 2015 – 8:50 a.m.


Peace to you, shepherds of my flock.

The days are passing by and the time of my mercy is coming to its end; the creation of my Father is suffering birth pangs; signs upon signs are being given as a preamble to what is about to come, but this humanity continues onward without believing. It needs to undergo the sorrow and see the coming tragedy before it ponders and reconsiders it ways. Oh, what grief I feel in my merciful heart to see so much passivity and so much apathy regarding the things of God on the part of this ungrateful and sinful generation living in these end times!

I detest sexual relations in couples of the same sex; remember that you were created man and woman in order to multiply the species! Not a single marital relation between people of the same sex will be accepted by Heaven! Remember what my Word says: Do you not know that the unjust will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not deceive yourselves; neither the lecherous, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor the effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the avaricious, nor drunkards, nor slanderers, nor highway robbers will inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor 6: 9-10). I tell those of you who are effeminate that unless you straighten your ways – I assure you – that even now you have a place secured for you in the depths of hell.

I am making an urgent call to my Vicar, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests in my Church, so that not for any motive laws be approved favoring sexual relations between a couple of the same sex. Oh, Shepherds and ministers of my Church who wonder through these byways of sodomy, do not soil anymore with this detestable sin the sacerdotal ministry that I have conferred on you! Because I tell you the truth that when you come before my presence, I will judge you very severely for having taken advantage of your priestly ministry so as to commit this detestable act.

Shepherds of my Church, you are my representatives here on the earth; do not stain my Holy Name, do not stain the sacerdotal ministry that I have conferred on you, for it is sacred. Because of the fault of many of my Ministers and Priests, who wonder lost in homosexualism, my Church is falling to ruin.

Many souls have separated from my Church on account of the scandals of pederasty occurring within her. Correct your behavior, Shepherds of my flock; do not continue to stain with your detestable pederast practices the sacerdotal ministry I have conferred on you!

As the Shepherds that you are of my flock, you ought to give example; your mission is to guide and shepherd the flock that I put under your care. See the bad example that many of you are giving and for which I will judge you the day you come into my presence. I assure you that if you continue to live as you do, my sentence will be: Depart from me, workers of iniquity; I do not know you; go to the eternal fire, it is your dwelling for all eternity. I am going to clean the House of my Father of this bad weed. The ardor of my zeal for the House of my Father consumes me! I will separate the wheat from the brambles in my Church and all the disloyal shepherds I shall expel and drive away from me.

Your Teacher and Shepherd, Jesus, the High and Eternal Priest.

Make known my messages to all humanity.



JANUARY 07, 2015 – 2:10 P.M.


Little children, may the peace of God be with you.

May the opening of the new year bring you the peace of God so that you may remain united as brothers and can by the grace of God bear these days of testing that you are living. Difficult days are coming, but do not fear, my little ones, this year will be one of great testing for humanity; testing that you shall overcome if you remain united in love; only the power of love and prayer will help you overcome the obstacles that you will have to undergo.

The coming financial test will be a disaster for many who have placed their confidence in the god of money; this god that flew out from the hand of man is about to disappear; woes will be heard and many will lose their soul with the fall of this idol. Woe to them who put their faith and hope in this god, for soon it will be rolling on the ground drawing after itself the life of many! The creation of my Father very soon will begin to groan and shudder with its birth pangs.

Humanity will panic because never before had it seen and heard the birth pangs of creation. Oh, how much pain will be heard everywhere you turn, the waters of the ocean will flood great cities and the pride of many nations will be brought low. The horseman of starvation and pestilence is coming; viruses of illnesses never before seen will spread on the earth, creating great pandemics that will reduce the populations of many nations. Because of this, my children, I say to you: prepare spiritually and materially for these days of purification that are coming.

Little children, the financial test will affect your life in this world; the days of this test draw near and only if you help each other mutually will you be able to overcome it; otherwise starvation and plague will take the lives of many.

I make an urgent call to all of humanity so that provisions be made for the days of want that are coming. Pay attention and leave aside your stubbornness; remember that I have been warning you with much anticipation of these events; pay attention to me, little ones, and put into practice all the instructions that we are giving you, so that when those days arrive you will have a store of food and water. Do not fear, my Father will multiply each grain and the water will not be wanting if you ask for it with faith. Fire will fall from the sky and many nations will be punished for their pride and for turning their backs on God.

I tell you, never before has humanity ever seen so much fire fall from the sky as that which is about to fall now. Therefore, little children, I hasten you to pay the balance of your debts, because the divine justice is starting and all that is written will be loosed in a concatenated series of events, and peace will be lost to give way to the days of purification. Turn your eyes to God, you impious nations, because the holy justice of God is beginning and you are to be wiped off the face of the earth if you do not change!

People of God, be, therefore, prepared, and do not let go of my hand; pray my Holy Rosary and praise and glorify the glory of God, that you may be able to survive in the days of anguish that are about arrive. I wait for you in one of my sanctuaries to give you my maternal blessing that will help you face the days of testing. Do not tarry, come with your families and consecrate them all to my immaculate heart. May the peace of God be with you and my maternal protection help you.

Your sanctifying mother, Mary, who loves you.

Make my messages known to all humanity.

Make my messages known to all humanity – Jesus and The Blessed Mother To Pastor Enoch…


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