A Secular Age That Has Rejected the Supernatural…

The Secular Age


1. A Secular Age That Has Rejected the Supernatural

No one can see the future because all of the events have not yet converged and come to a culmination.  Difficulties are everywhere.  Some places have become explosive.  Everyone is conscious of terrorism, but other evils are kept hidden from view, especially the weaknesses in the economic systems.  Those trying to resist and confront these evils use only human means, totally unaware of the supernatural powers that are the true forces behind the evils.

Such is the secular age which has rejected belief both in the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Darkness.  Modern man cannot grasp the true source of these evils because he does not even believe that they exist.  He cannot reach the only power that can save him because he has long ago set his religious faith aside, and proclaimed his world as “secular”.  I stand on the world’s battlefield and watch this tide of destruction and collapse.  I know exactly where it is going to happen next and what will be evil’s newest victories.

I will once again speak of what is to happen.  My previous words have already been fulfilled.  The American withdrawal has speeded up the timetable of terrorism.  The weak response in the Ukraine has emboldened Putin.  The failure to confront deficits has weakened economic systems.  China sees its opportunity for new aggressions.  I call all of these external problems.  The real difficulty is secularism.  Modern man has cut himself off from God’s help.

This is my moment.   As the Woman Clothed With the Sun, I will come upon the world stage, just as the heavenly Father has decided.  I will move up my timetable also.  Then the battle will begin.

Comment:  When faith is lost so is the true understanding of human events.


2. The Powerlessness of the Secular Spirit

The evils of the human heart elude the secular mind.  It does not take into account those sinful disorders which constantly distort society and turn it away from the good.  Failure after failure.  What begins with the highest aspirations, gradually turns upon itself and is degraded.

I speak now about America itself, a city set upon a hill, deliberately brought forth from my Immaculate Heart, founded upon religious faith, with a constitution based upon God-given rights.  I brought you forth in your revolution and preserved the union in your civil war.  Now, I face my greatest crisis.  You want to declare yourself “secular”.  How many foolish steps you have taken to remove religion from your schools and your public life.  Go back and trace the history of these two parallel roads.

The more you chose to be secular, the more you declined.  How far you are along both paths!  I must speak so your eyes are opened because you must choose and the choice is at your door.  Your great decline is imminent, far closer than you realize.

Do not be surprised.  Do not ask, “Why have these events happened?”  I am telling you why.  You have accepted the secular spirit.  Secularism cannot overcome the evils in the human heart.  These evils weaken a society, remove truths and proclaim lies – like a woman’s right to kill her child.  Millions and millions of your children are dead.  Human evil saturates every part of America because you have extinguished the purifying fire of God’s Holy Spirit, replacing Jesus’ gift with your powerless secular spirit.  How close!  How close is your decline.  The destructive events will begin this year but will not culminate this year.

Comment:  The secular spirit removes all restraints upon the person’s heart and cannot curtail human selfishness.


3. Removing the Blindness of Secularism

America, you must open your hearts to religious faith.  Instead, you close the doors and even the windows.  Time moves quickly and I cannot allow you to reach the point of being totally walled in, like Jerusalem surrounded by the Roman army.  Otherwise, nothing will be left of you, not one stone upon another.  All your walls will crumble and your city devastated.

Every day, this light of secularism grows, destroying all the harvest of faith.  For your children, faith belongs to an earlier generation.  You have so successfully inoculated them that faith cannot enter their bloodstream nor have any effect on their decisions.

Such is America 2015.  You do not even know what a perilous state you are in.  In 1929, came your stock market collapse and the decade of the depression.  However, your people had faith and the family structure was strong.  America was tested in the economic furnace and came forth purified and strong.

What faith will you have at the coming economic collapse?  Where is the strength of your family structure?  You have only government programs that themselves are in debt.  Let my words strip you naked.  In these events, your secular clothes will fall like tattered rags that can no longer cover the poverty of your faith.

Yet, some flames of faith burn brightly, guarded against the secular ice age by the family and the churches.  They are relegated, for now, to the sidelines.  Their voices stilled and quieted, removed from the marketplace and given a hearing only in the sacred assembly.

What will happen to the secular person when life is changed by the future events?  Although many will go into darkness and despair, some will hear my voice and regain their faith.  How many?  I must awaken the churches to prepare by prayer and fasting. The future events will offer you new opportunities.  The scales of secularism will fall from the eyes of many.

Comment:  Secularism flourishes when times are good but has no answers in times of trial.  Only faith can help people to survive and move on.


4. What Secularism Leaves Behind

The secular person deliberately chooses a road without God.  What is the great attraction?  Freedom.  The person seeks a freedom to form his own world and to follow his own will.  No restraints.  No commands which say, “Thou shalt not”.

Having freedom is a powerful attraction, especially for the young who have their whole life ahead of them.  When they reach the height of their youthful powers, they see only an open field for whatever they choose.  Such is the powerful secular attraction.

But what has it left behind?  What high price does the secular person pay for this freedom?  These are the unexamined aspects of their choice.  They leave behind the world of faith, a God who loves them and Jesus who died for them.  They leave behind those powers which can control the evil in their heart.  (Yes, every heart has evil tendencies.)  They leave behind both the power to overcome sin and the power to be forgiven when they do sin.  They leave behind the whole concept of sin.  The secular world must repress guilt because it denies a God who alone can take away our guilt.

Secular man sets out on the great sea of life without a compass.  He destroys all of God’s maps because he wants to discover his own reality.  He is a child without a father and a wise man without a teacher.  He is bereft, alone, forsaken, lost and hopeless – all from his own free choice (or because his secular society, bereft of divine faith, gave him no other option).

Secular society is like a beautiful rose cut off from its roots, free to be placed anywhere, but inevitably dead.  This is Western society which has chosen to remove itself (for the sake of freedom) from its religious soil.

Now, the truth has become stark.  False hope is fading.  Who would dare to say that the secular beliefs have constructed a better and safer world?  Look at your society, filled with unbridled selfishness.  In a secular society only the ego rules supreme because God has been toppled.

Comment:  Our Lady gives a piercing analysis of the bad fruits of secularism.


5. Secularism Destroys Religious Faith

Bereft of faith in a living God who created him and calls him to live forever, the secular man must create his own goals and walk his own path.  When he joins with others in the work of forming a society, they must begin by destroying a society of faith that already exists and is an obstacle.

So, they began to dismantle religious practices, tear down religious symbols and point out all the faults of religion, all for their hidden agenda of establishing a secular state.  They convince people that the world they are building will be free of what they call religious prejudice.

As they accomplish their goals, especially among the young, a truly new society emerges.  New gods appear.  New lifestyles.  New freedoms.  Everyone congratulates themselves.  They have successfully rejected a faith that they claimed belonged to an unenlightened age.

They set out a new path, totally oblivious to the problems built into the human heart.  When the human heart does not serve the living God, it serves itself.  When it rejects a life after death, it seeks to make earth into a self-serving paradise.

All goes well as long as society fulfills all the person’s needs.  When all is prosperity, the secular society flourishes, totally unaware that it cannot cope with economic collapse.

O secular America, how will you survive the events that I am speaking about so clearly?  Many will not.  They have been cheated of religious faith.  They do not serve any God and do not believe in a God who will help them in a time of crisis.  So, I speak to those who do believe.  Treasure your faith. Nourish and grow in your faith.  Hold tight to it.  If you have set it aside, find it again.  Return.  The time is short.  When the events come, you will thank me for these words.

Comment:  Today is the high point of the secular society – Super Bowl Sunday.


6. Returning to the Father’s House

No one asks, “Where does this road lead?”  The secular religion sees only the freedom and the removal of restraints, which allow the person to set aside obligations to God and the many moral demands required by the gospels.

So, mankind sets out like the Prodigal Son, its pockets filled with money and away from the father’s authority.  But, where does that road lead?  Fortunately, in his squalor, the son remembered his father’s house.  He realized that even his father’s servants lived better than he.  This led to his decision, “I will return to my father’s house”.

Today, however, many of the young born into a secular society have never experienced the heavenly Father’s home.  They do not know the Father’s table where the fatted lamb is served.  They know only the husks meant for pigs.  When the events come and when the prosperity of the secular world collapses, they will be totally lost, unaware of their Father’s house.

I must raise my voice and I must act.  I will use these little locutions to preach everywhere.  My voice will not be limited to the Churches.  I will go and seek out my prodigal children.  I will carry them back to the Father’s house.  Many, for the first time, will understand what the secular world has stolen from them.  Even though they did not grow up in the Church, they will know that they have come home.

O reader, if you are away from the Father’s house, I will lead you back.  The heavenly Father, will embrace you and clothe you with peace.

Comment:  The secularized world deliberately sets aside the Father so it need not accept His authority.


7. The Secular Road and Everlasting Death

The secular road leads only to worldly goals not to eternal life.  When faith is snuffed out, these eternal goals are removed.  The person never seeks life after death.  They only vaguely perceive heaven and do not make it their goal.

They veer off, enticed by what is here and now.  They remember only vaguely the voice of God, their eyes turned to the glitter and their ears attuned to the new sounds arising from earth.  They give themselves to “buying and selling, marrying and giving in marriage” as Jesus said, while rejecting His words that the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

The problem is not what they find in a secularized society, but what they do not find.  They never discover the pearl of a great price or the treasure hidden in the field.  They are found asleep when the bridegroom comes.  Not allowing their soul to be bathed in eternal light, they grasp for earth and are filled with what passes away.  They have no room for the treasures of heaven.   Worldly wealth cannot buy you eternal life?  You must seek treasures that the thief of death cannot steal from you.

I came to Fatima to save the world from the great destructions of the 20th century, but, more important, I came to save millions from eternal fires.  The same two issues are still on the table, only to a much greater degree in this 21st century.  The secular world is like dry wood, an easy target for the demonic fires, which not only destroy the body but, even worse, cast the soul into eternal death.

I did not hold back these truths.  At Fatima, I showed the three children the souls in hell.  Hell is a word that the secular world does not want to hear but it has to be spoken.  Let no one say that the secular world is neutral.  It destroys faith, blinds people to the road to eternal life, steals Jesus’ power to grant eternal happiness, and leads to eternal death.

Comment:  We so easily accept the secular, forgetting that it destroys faith needed for salvation.



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