4. What Secularism Leaves Behind Mary The secular person deliberately chooses a road without God. What is the great attraction? Freedom. The person seeks a freedom to form his own world and to follow his own will. No restraints. No commands which say, “Thou shalt not”.


4. What Secularism Leaves Behind JAN 31, 2014

The secular person deliberately chooses a road without God.  What is the great attraction?  Freedom.  The person seeks a freedom to form his own world and to follow his own will.  No restraints.  No commands which say, “Thou shalt not”.

Having freedom is a powerful attraction, especially for the young who have their whole life ahead of them.  When they reach the height of their youthful powers, they see only an open field for whatever they choose.  Such is the powerful secular attraction.

But what has it left behind?  What high price does the secular person pay for this freedom?  These are the unexamined aspects of their choice.  They leave behind the world of faith, a God who loves them and Jesus who died for them.  They leave behind those powers which can control the evil in their heart.  (Yes, every heart has evil tendencies.)  They leave behind both the power to overcome sin and the power to be forgiven when they do sin.  They leave behind the whole concept of sin.  The secular world must repress guilt because it denies a God who alone can take away our guilt.

Secular man sets out on the great sea of life without a compass.  He destroys all of God’s maps because he wants to discover his own reality.  He is a child without a father and a wise man without a teacher.  He is bereft, alone, forsaken, lost and hopeless – all from his own free choice (or because his secular society, bereft of divine faith, gave him no other option).

Secular society is like a beautiful rose cut off from its roots, free to be placed anywhere, but inevitably dead.  This is Western society which has chosen to remove itself (for the sake of freedom) from its religious soil.

Now, the truth has become stark.  False hope is fading.  Who would dare to say that the secular beliefs have constructed a better and safer world?  Look at your society, filled with unbridled selfishness.  In a secular society only the ego rules supreme because God has been toppled.

Comment:  Our Lady gives a piercing analysis of the bad fruits of secularism.


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