Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael and all of Heaven to protect God’s words, 2/3/15

Come Holy Spirit, Tuesday morning @ 3:00 am.  The voices of angels were singing to me these words:

”Take hold of the Father, take hold of the Son,

take hold of the Holy Spirit where Jesus’ life began.

Take hold of the Mother, take hold of the Son,

take hold of the Holy Spirit where Jesus’ life began.

Our God is our Father, and Jesus is our Son,

and Mary is the Mother when Jesus’ life begun.

This all changed the world from evil to good

and opened up the Heavens that all could be saved again.

Come sing to the Father, and sing to the Son,

and give praise to the Mother that let Jesus’ life begin.

And now is the time that all my children should sing,

All praises to the Father and all praises to the Son,

and all praises to the Mother that let Jesus’ life begin.

Let us all sing now,

All praises to the Father, and all praises to the Son,

and all praises to the Mother that let Jesus’ life begin.

Let’s all sing with the angels and let’s sing with the saints,

and sing with all of Heaven who are living in Jesus’ grace.

The Heavens are now open and we are now in Jesus’ grace.

All praise to the Father, all praise to the Son,

and all praise to the Mother that let Jesus’ life begin.

Now is the time when all of Heaven comes to earth

and we are now in this time WHEN all Heaven comes to earth.

Let’s all sing to the Father and sing to the Son

and sing to the Holy Spirit who brought Our Lord to earth.

Let’s all thank the Mother and all thank the Son

Who brought the Father back to our earth again.

Let’s all praise the Father, let’s all praise the Son,

let’s all praise the Mother who saved Our earth again.

They took it all and they turned it all to good.

Let’s all praise the Father, let’s all praise the Son,

let’s all praise the Holy Spirit who let it all begin.

Let’s also praise the Mother that let it all begin.

Now is the time, now is the day, to get your life in order and turn the other way.

For soon the earth will be Heaven and all evil will be cast away.

All praise to the Father, all praise to the Son,

and all praise to the Holy Spirit that Heaven now begins.

All praise to the Father and all praise to the Son

And all praise to the Holy Spirit to let new life begin.

They opened up the Heavens and they opened up our souls

and made it all possible that Heaven could come into our souls again.

They opened up the Heavens and they opened up the souls

that no man could complain about our Savior’s grace again.”

This was all sung to me over and over again sometime after midnight until I looked at the clock and it was 2:59 am.  Then God asked me to get up and write.  The singing continued until I got out of bed and started writing.  It was so overwhelming to me.  (note, it was also very hard to write since the angels were singing the song over and over.)

“My son, this is how all the angels and saints keep praising their God and Maker and all of Heaven with new verses over and over that are very beautiful as they sang to you, My son and lover of all My children.  This is God the Father, 3:55 am.

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St Michael with all of Heaven to protect God the Father’s words, 1/31/15

My dear son, this is God the Father of Heaven and earth here on earth at this very moment to finish My Son and Mother’s job that I sent them to earth to do for their God.  Most people on earth live to die.  They live  with all the joys and thrills that they can get at the moment and die in the hands of satan.  My advice is to die to live.  Die of self for your God and live with Me for all eternity.  This is your spiritual job.

For your physical health, look up Del-Immune V (www.delimmune.com) and www.ivlproducts.com to see how your leaders have poisoned your earth and how you can do something about it.

If My children will not listen to all the prophets of the times, they will listen to their God through all the natural disasters that are happening and will get much worse.  Love, God the Father.

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with protection of God’s words, 1/24/15

“My beloved son this is your beloved Mother.”

Thank your God and Mine, Mary, for the good weather and getting me well again.  I was beginning to wonder if I would get better, but with all the prayers and blessings from our friends in Heaven and on earth and all the Masses said for our family, I have felt better the last three or four days than in a long time.  Thanks to everyone who prayed and helped!

“My son, I do wish to speak.  As I have told you there would be a hard weather pattern for awhile and then a let-up and some good days and then some hard times again.  Be ready and prepared for some hard times again.  Thanks for all the prayers from all My children.  This is all that is going to lessen all that is happening in the world.  It is very hard for many people throughout the world.  There is much suffering by many people right now and it is going to get worse each day as My Son has told you and many, many others.  As I told you in the last message there is no more to be said.  My Father gave all the warnings to you that He is going to give to you.  Tell the people to read all the material that has already been given.  I will talk to My children personally now.  There will be few major messages given to you anymore.  You will be busy teaching the ones that I put in your path.  Also, much prayer is needed for all My remnant children.  Get rest and be at peace for a few days and pray and get your body and mind back to good health from the long trials and sickness you went through.  There will be much need for some healthy people now to help all the ones that are starting to go through all the suffering that a lot of our remnant children have been going through for years.  My Son and I told you years ago that when the rest of the world started suffering for their sins, My remnant children would have been through most of their suffering.  I have told you that the Warning has been taking place for years for the ones listening.  My son, I told you it was the Warning before the Warning for all those listening.  Now, the ones that did not want to listen will receive their main warning that you and the remnants are about through.  All of your jobs will be to teach and help the suffering and the lukewarm back to the path to Heaven.  It will be a quick and very hard journey for all the ones who would not listen.  That is all My son.  Pray, be cheerful to all the sick and suffering.  Love, Mother Mary to all Her children. “


God the Father asked that the book “God Speaks Will You Listen” be made available to all.  If possible, please read this free online book in order to understand that we have just moved from Revelations Chapter 12 to Chapter 13.  This book given by God the Father explains everything happening in these end times.

Click the link below to access a free online copy of the book

God Speaks Will You Listen

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with God’s words through Heaven, 1/15/15

My beloved son, this is Jesus of love and mercy.  Thanks for all the suffering you and all My remnant children have been offering up to their God.  There will be many souls saved through all the suffering being offered.  Continue to offer all the sufferings of the world to your God and My God.  Ask all of the people who read these messages to offer up all their sufferings and joys to God and all the blessings that He is giving to the world at this time.

My God and your God is very sick of all the sins of abortion and the killings done by the leaders of the one world people.  The majority of all the killings are being set up and caused by the Masons and the one world leaders.  The majority of the people are going along with all the sins as long as it is not affecting them.  My children you must stand up for the Ten Commandments on which your country was founded and the church has taught from the beginning.  As I have told you no country will stand for long without following the Ten Commandments of God.  God’s hand is already falling on America and the whole world.  Be ready to see your souls the way Heaven sees them.  My Mother will speak.

My most beloved children and son.  There is not much to be said anymore.  It all has to be felt and seen with My children’s own eyes to change.  Sorry it has to be this way and get this bad, but it is the majority of My children’s choice to listen to all the evil leadership in the world.  Love, Mother, on this sad day in the history of the world.  I bless you all in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with protection of God’s words from His Mother, 1/10/15

Come Holy Spirit. My love My beautiful one I, the Holy Spirit, am the spouse of Mary.  She loves everyone dearly.

Son, this is Mary, your Mother.  We are all praying for you through all your sickness and the sickness of all Our beloved children.  As We have been begging all Our children from Heaven to repent and get their souls in a state of grace, many of Our children are suffering.  Some for their own sins and some for the sins of their brothers and sisters.  We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and we must all suffer together to help save souls who do not know how to pray and how to ask forgiveness for their sins.

We love everyone of our children dearly.  Remember the parable of the workers in the field?  They all came at different times of the day and My Father gave them all the same amount of money whether they came in the morning or late in the afternoon.  This is how merciful My Son is to all of My children.  We will treat you the same if you come early or late but you have to come at some time because of God’s mercy and free will.  He will never hold you in bondage, only satan and yourself hold yourself in bondage because of your stubbornness and not letting go and asking God’s forgiveness.  The only reason some people lose control of their body and mind is because they have to give their self to God and let Him take care of them.

It is very hard for many of Our children now because your world has given satan control in almost all areas of your life.  This is why My God and yours is giving so much grace to all My children now because you are now in the end of this 2000 year era of time.  You are about to move into the New Era of Peace which will be like the Garden of Paradise.  Just hold onto My Son and My hand and We will take you through all this suffering.  None of Our children are really wicked, they are just following the hand of satan instead of their Mother and Father.  Please take Our hand now, the time is so short.

People keep condemning Our true prophets complaining that it has been said for many years.  The same thing was said before the flood in Noah and the time of the Ark, and then all wished they had listened when it started raining for days and flooded the whole earth.  It was the same way with the wise virgins and the unwise virgins.  The reason God’s time can be a short or a long time is because it is controlled by the holiness or the sins of the people, but My God and your God knows when sin will have to stop before it destroys all of His children on the earth.  The time has come, My children, when more people are living satan’s will and not God’s will and the Ten Commandments.

Heaven and the hands of your Mother have held God’s hands back as long as We can.  Children, please pray for everyone, especially the ones who have been asked to write these messages and put them out from Heaven.  Love, love, and more Love.  Please repent now, love Mother.  Thanks, My son.

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael with protection of God’s words only,  1/7/15

My most beloved son, this is Jesus of love and mercy.  Tell all Our children that they must pray, and must pray very hard now because your Congress and leaders are in a major battle in who will win the fight.  They both have their own agenda and neither the republicans or democrats want to give on anything.  It is a battle between one group and the other.  Pray that they do not do something stupid in this cold weather.  Satan is going to try to make something big happen in this cold weather so that My children will suffer even more.  Pray, pray, and pray for all My children who are suffering much now.  It has only just begun.  My Mother and grandmother will speak with you now from one heart.

My love and all Our most beautiful children.  I come to tell all of you how much I love you.  You must pray now and pray more before many die.  Your souls are at stake and I do not want to lose any of you.  That is all My children,  I do not want to lose any of you.  Love, Mother.  We are all praying for you from Heaven.  Ask for graces often each day and ask us to multiply your prayers.  Amen.

Come Holy Trinity, Holy Family, and St. Michael to protect God’s words from Heaven, 1/5/15

My love, My beautiful one this is your Mother Mary and My mother speaking to you.  Tell all Our children that we wish all of them to call to their Mother Mary and their grandmother St. Anne at any time they have any needs or sorrows.  The time is critical now and all of Our children have to call to their Mother and grandmother from Heaven.  We will take all your prayer petitions straight to My Son and He will take them straight to God the Father for help.  The help is there just for the asking.  Why don’t all My children just ask for help at all times not just when everything is so critical.  Ask us for help all the time not just when you hit bottom.  Pray all the time, not just when you need something.  We love your prayers of thanksgiving every day and at every meal before you eat.

My children look at the people that are crippled or have no arms or no feet or that are dying with some kind of illness.  This all comes from lack of prayer and sin.  Before Adam and Eve sinned there was no sickness or suffering.  Suffering is caused by sin not by your God and mine.  If you all prayed and followed the Ten Commandments there would be very little suffering in all the world.  If you took Sunday off and did not work and gave the day to God in prayer and good works there would be much less suffering.  Every Sunday that our children work, they have to work that much harder during the week to make up for their sins of working on Sunday, if not for a good reason.  You would have plenty of money and good health if all My children lived the way Our Son asked you to live and work.

Our children will learn very soon what they have done wrong and will be able to correct their lives before all of their belongings are taken away from most.  All those living in mortal sin areas that do not live the Ten Commandments will be tested the worst.  You cannot go against God’s laws and expect Heaven to protect you.  This is the law of God and the law of nature that He made for His children’s protection.  We love all of you the same but you all must change or satan will destroy everything you have.

Satan wants all of the earth without man and he hates all men and women on earth because God gave man and woman the gift of procreating His children and satan and the angels cannot do that.  That is why satan is cloning animals and people because he cannot procreate.  That is why he set up all the sperm banks so he could try to make it look like man could create children on their own through God’s gift to mankind.   When man crosses this line it is when God says enough is enough and the world will be cleaned out and restarted like when it was in the time of Noah and the Ark.

My children this is where we are at now so be prepared and pray, pray, pray for most will die.  So, have your soul in a state of grace.  The refuges will be the ark for our time just like the ark that Noah had to build.  All the refuges are arks of the covenant from God to save some of His children to repopulate the earth again because God’s children do not want to learn and follow the truth and the Ten Commandments of their God.  Satan was made by God as a beautiful angel and he and some of the other angels rebelled against their God just like in Noah’s time and now again in our time.  It is here.  So be it.  The time is upon us.  Amen, Mother Mary and grandmother St. Anne.  Words from Our Father to all of you.  Love and prayers.

Come Holy Spirit, Holy Family, and St. Michael

with your protection and guard over God’s saint’s words, 1/2/15

From Mother Mary:  My love, My beautiful one.  All of Heaven thanks you and all the remnant souls and all of Heaven and the poor souls in purgatory for the prayers and suffering that all of you went through for the past month.  Start praying for all the souls on the face of the earth each day because everyone will be chastised and hopefully purified this year of the church with many false miracles from the evil one to look like God.  Be careful because many of the things you hear and see this year will look like it is from God but it is from satan.  Satan will be deceiving the faithful through their own churches.  God has told you in Scripture that even the elect would be fooled if it were not for the prophets of today.  Discern everything today because satan is at his strongest before his fall.

There will be many bad things happen this church year that will look good to some but the ones I have been training for the past 30 years will receive the whole truth and nothing but the truth to warn the rest of the children and priests and bishops and cardinals that have not been given the extra graces or have not listened closely enough.  Be ready for anything this year to purify your soul so you are ready for the Warning when you see Jesus face to face with Me holding your hand and leading you to My Son who I brought into the world.

The stock market will crash soon.  The elite are just running it up to get the rest of the American people’s money into it before they crash it and most of the money of the American’s who are not listening will be taken over by China and the other countries who are holding all of America’s debt.  When they crash the stock market the one world people will own everything including your country.

Prepare for much sorrow with very much prayer this year and have your soul ready to face Jesus.  When one major thing happens everything will happen within days because America has already lost the spiritual war by throwing the Ten Commandments out of their country by the top leaders.  You are now living in communism and paganism as I have already told you.   Tell all of My children to pray, pray, and pray.  Remember, God is in control but your prayers control your suffering and joys of the world.  Love, Mother Mary.




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