RECENT POSTS – Jan 27, 2015. Key Intel From Heaven, And On The Ground.

RECENT POSTS – January 27, 2015

*Jan 26, 2015 Jesus @ Holy Love – Monday Service – Peace in All Hearts through Holy Love and World Peace. Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, My Providential Grace can reach into your lives in unexpected ways. Therefore, do not live in fear of anything that may or may not happen in the future, but live in trustful hope, and wait upon My Grace. Always trust in this.” “Tonight, I’m extending to you My Blessing of Divine Love.” Jan 26, 2015 Jesus @ Holy Love

*St. Thomas Aquinas says: “Praise be to Jesus.” “While there are many threats to world peace circulated about, today, and many survival plans, this Mission has mainly to do with the most important concern of all – the salvation of souls. This Mission is the conversion of the heart of the world through Holy Love. Success is measured in the turning away from evil and the pursuit of good through Holy Love. In this Mission is Heaven’s call to turn away from all that opposes Holy Love and to pray to recognize the Truth between good and evil.” Jan 26, 2015 St. Thomas Aquinas @ Holy Love, Read 1 Timothy 6:6-7 * & 1 Timothy 6:3-10.

“Beware of any false sense of security such as politicians who betray the world situation as ‘status quo’ or even improving. This is strictly a ploy to make themselves look good, but also a strengthening of the undetected enemy who is evil. You must understand that evil is very much at work in every abuse of authority and compromise of Truth. Some are so enamored with their own importance, they believe whatever they say will become the Truth. Many who follow them believe so as well. This is what induces a false sense of security and a complacency against identifying evil and fighting it. Once again, I tell you, do not be so impressed with who says what, but what they are saying.” Jan 26, 2015 St. Thomas Aquinas @ Holy Love, Read 1 Timothy 6:6-7 * & 1 Timothy 6:3-10.

“Holy Love in hearts is the greatest weapon of good against evil. It is more important than any weapon of mass destruction, peace plans which man contrives, hoarding of worldly goods against future needs, or trust in world leaders who are compromised, at best. In the end, each soul has his time before God’s Judgment. This is what Holy Love prepares you for, as well as a just life in the world now.” Jan 26, 2015 St. Thomas Aquinas @ Holy Love, Read 1 Timothy 6:6-7 * & 1 Timothy 6:3-10.

1 Timothy 6:6-7 *Of course, there is great gain in godliness combined with contentment; for we brought nothing into the world, so that we can take nothing out of it…Jan 26, 2015 St. Thomas Aquinas @ Holy Love.

Thirty Things I Learned As a U. S. Marine

(1) Know one can tell you what you will die from if you do not lose the will to live or unless your heart stops beating, and even then you can still fight back until your brain runs out of oxygen. (2) Temperature extremes have to do with your physical body, not your spiritual being. (3) Pain is a series of nerve impulses that can be ignored enough to enable forward movement. (4) Your can mostly control your own destiny, but you must be responsible in accepting the one your choices created. (5) You don’t need fire to survive a cold night. Thirty Things Learned As a U. S. Marine.

(6) The seven P’s….Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. (7) God, the spirit form internally, must lead the mind, or life is chaotic and without any real purpose other than self. (8) Never let your guard down. (9) I can always do more than my mind and body say I can. They are both wimpscompared to my spirit. (10) Even if you are ordered to do something, it’s still you moral obligation to do the right thing in the face of possible persecution and/or prosecution. Thirty Things Learned As a U. S. Marine

(11) If someone is threatening you with a knife, make it your’s and start a collection, or return it blade first. (12) Hesitation can either cause you harm you or save you some pain. Mentally train your mind in multiple scenarios for when to pause temporarily and when to act immediately. (13) Always respect structure, because the opposite is chaos, but never trust your government to have your best interest in mind, for it is run by politicians that only serve their own interests. It has always been so with governing bodies throughout history. (14) If anyone speaks kindly of the enemy, they are walking point. (15) Trust your instincts about everything. Thirty Things Learned As a U. S. Marine.

(16) Sleep is not always a necessity, but it sure is priceless when you get it. (17) People from all over the world are just like me inside at the spiritual level, and merely different in some ways in their minds with what they have experienced. Some of those minds are perverted, unhealthy, and dangerous in what they were fed and experienced around other sick minds. (18) It’s not about race. It’s about a personal choice in how a person feels about themselves. People sometimes separate themselves from others in their own thoughts, personal agreements, and through actions. (19) Little guys really can kick the crap out of larger men. (20) That feeling in life that everyone chases is accomplished through what wegive of ourselves, rather than what we get for ourselves. Thirty Things Learned As a U. S. Marine.

(21) A kill shot can be accomplished from over 500 meters with regular open rifle sights. (22) Never show weakness or fear when challenged, unless it is to lure your opponent in closer. (23) It is better to go it alone, rather than be part of a group that is led by an idiot. (24) A leader is chosen by those that chose to follow them. A dictator is someone that appoints themselves as the leader of others by force of violence, intimidation, and/or mandate. Take them down immediately. (25) It’s safer and healthier to be respected rather than liked. Thirty Things Learned As a U. S. Marine.

(26) Never be without a cutting tool and a light source, even in the crapper. (27) Creativity and independence founded in solid skills is more important and valuable than any technology. (28) Strive everyday to be more than you were the day before. Accept your best effort, but make it an honest one. (29) Going back to the civilian world of chaos was a bigger shock than my first day of boot camp. (30) Never place your health, safety, security, and choice in the hands of any other person, but always be willing to help another. Thirty Things Learned As a U. S. Marine.

Everybody Poops — 9 Surprising Facts About Feces You May Not Know That Can Affect Your Health.

Intelwars1 – For Tomorrows News, Today, Jan 27, 2015. Key Intel From Heaven, And On The Ground. Tracking The Enemy, Over Land, Sea, And From The Air! – The Constitution – The Bill of Rights – And The Ten Commandments Are Under Assault!

1st 48 posts at intelwars1


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