Trust is the key to true love

Trust is the key to true love

My dearly beloved daughter, when a child of loving parents feels love, he or she will be nurtured with a great sense of comfort and familiarity.

The love between a child – fortunate to have loving parents – and family, stems from an ingrained sense of trust. This trust is absolute. The same is true for every living soul who loves Me unconditionally.  My Love for them is unshakable. Trust is the key to true love. Every child of Mine is loved, although their love for Me is not always there.

Love Me and you will feel peace. Love Me and you will love all those who are children of God. This love is a natural thing. Without it you cannot be whole.

When I Am in you, you will see the world as I do in all its glory as well as in its imperfections. You will recognize the obstacles, which face humanity and you will feel a wretchedness when you witness hatred in any form for hatred is the opposite to love.

Pray, pray, pray that love for God remains alive in the world, for without it you will feel desolate and isolated.

Love Me as I love all of God’s children and I will pour great Graces upon you and you will overcome evil in all its forms.

Latest Intel From Heaven! Prophecy!!childrenoftherenewal/c1kn1!holyfamilyrefuge/c1zcy


Trust is the key to true love
God the Most High: My Power exceeds all that is of this world and beyond it
When love is missing I am absent in the soul
Mother of Salvation: You either accept the Word of God, laid down by Him, or you do not
Without Me, death of the body and the soul would claim the entire human race
Those who exalt themselves before Me but speak evil of others will be cut off from Me.
Thunder and lightning will descend upon the Temple of the Lord
Mother of Salvation: Many substitutions will take place until the new religion is eventually formed
The only danger to humanity is man himself
My Second Coming will create great happiness

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